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The Numinous

66notes is a rarity when it comes to musicians; absent-genre, abstract, conceptual, unique and realistically fictitious are all words used to describe his complex styles and lyrical mannerisms. Pure artistry is what he brings to the table, whether with instrumentals or lyrics! Hip-hop stemmed but blossomed into a variety of genres, never limiting him to just one. When asked what genre he belongs to, he will with a smile reply; all and none, rather he prides himself in setting himself apart and creatively living on the outskirts… perfectly content.

As a lyricist, singer, composer and guitarist he is able to create words and align them with tone and melody to give those words emotion felt by those who not only listen, but HEAR! As he dove deeper and deeper into digital production, sounds began to become endless, melodies sparked words arranged in unorthodox patterns…his music is not for the quaint or supercilious popular kids but rather those who live within the realities of life and embrace the hardship that come with it.

Presently 66notes is in a stage of creating a new sound, one that is meshed with classical, contemporary, progressive hip-hop, alternative and new age genres! Also he is in the laboratory daily developing tunes that are unheard and downright questionable!

In the near future Notes plans on working more and more with TV, radio, e-books and movies developing customized sounds for placements, and of course pushing his sounds to the limit!!


Audio Engineer

Music Production

Sound Design




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