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1 Song
4 track limit
Free revisions
48 hour turnaround
1 Song
24 track limit
Free revisions
48 hour turnaround

What is a track limit?


Each song consists of many tracks: you have the kicks, snares, hi-hats, bass, vocals, piano, etc. Each one of those is called a track. When we say "4 track mix" we're referring to mixing just the beat, the vocals, ad libs and chorus - get it four tracks. When we're going to do a more professional mix, we need all those tracks such as the kicks, snares, hi-hats, bass, vocals, ukulele etc, to be their own separate wav form so we can better mix the entire song.


Why is there a price difference?


Because a 4 track mix is much easier and faster to do than a 24 track mix, we've adjusted the prices accordingly. While we will try to make your 4 track mix sound as good as possible, however working with only 4 tracks will not produce the same quality as working with 24 tracks. This is because we wont be able to mix all the elements of the beat to go with your vocals as well. But don't fret, your 4 tack mix will still sound amazing. 


What format should I send the files in?

Wav or Aiff files that are 24 bit at 44.1khz (or higher) work best but if you do have 16 bit at 44.1khz that's fine as well. A good rule of thumb is to export your tracks in the same format you recorded them at.


Can I send you a Pro Tools sessions, Logic session, Cubase session, FL Studio session, etc?


There's less compatibility issues if you just send your mix tracked out with each individual wav form separated. To make it even less stressful, make sure that all tracks are tracked out to equal time. We want to spend less time piecing together your tracks and more time making your sound radio ready. 


How do I order multiple songs?


When you click "Buy Now" you'll be taken to your shopping cart to update the quantity of songs you want.


I need to ask you another question?

Not a problem! Head to the Contact page and we will get back to you within 48hrs. 



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